Petition Round Up: Week of 10/16

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Written by Ethan M. Long

Tell Senators Casey and Toomey to Stand Up for the Constitution and Community Trust Policies

The ACLU launched a campaign this week, encouraging people to write to their elected officials to block the Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act (S. 2146) which aims to combat sanctuary cities in the United States. The bill would hurt law enforcement in these cities by denying them federal funding if the “over 350 localities in 27 states” “refuse to violate the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and that prioritize policing policies built on promoting trust and cooperation with immigrant communities.”

Introduced on Oct. 6, the bill would, as the ACLU says, make law enforcement within these communities choose whether they unconstitutionally break the fourth amendment or whether they want funding to cease.

Tell President Obama to Consent to Independent Investigation of Kunduz Hospital Bombing

In response to the tragic incident last month of the bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in the Kunduz region by US gunship has the organization is demanding a fully independent investigation to get answers.

“The attacks killed 22 people, including 12 MSF staff and 10 patients, and injured more than three dozen patients and MSF staff. The hospital itself was destroyed, leaving several hundred thousand people without access to emergency trauma care,” the letter from DWB/Medecins Sans Frontieres(MSF) states.

While there are ongoing investigations by the U.S., NATO, and the government of Afghanistan, there still needs to be an objectively unbiased and independent investigation. This petition is specific to gaining Obama’s consent.

“MSF called for an independent international investigation into the events of October 3 by the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission (IHFFC), the only permanent body set up specifically to investigate violations of international humanitarian law,” the letter states.

Tell T-Mobile to Change its Policies to Stop Sexual Harassment

Cell network provider T-Mobile told Angela Aggnis not to talk to anyone about the inappropriateness she received from a higher-up while at work. If she did, they allegedly told her, she would risk being fired.

The AFL-CIO launched this petition asking people to tell the German government, “which owns a stake in T-Mobile, to demand that the company stop maintaining unlawful policies that silence people on the job.”

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Aggnis quit her job, but by signing this petition aimed at the corporation and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, it might end future practices of this policy.

Make Eid (Muslim Holiday) a public holiday across the United States

This is pretty straight-forward. Christians get quite a few national holidays where they either get work or school off. Jewish students get two days for the high holidays (even when it should be three.) Unfortunately, many Muslim Americans have to call out of work or miss school for Eid al-Fitr, the mark of the end of Ramadan, as well as Eid al-Adha. This is not right, especially when Christians get way more time for a holiday (Christmas) off school even when it was moved to compete with Saturnalia.

“Change can only happen if we try, we can’t just wait for it to change on it’s own. Sign this petition and help make it happen,” the petition states, continuing, “One step at a time we can make a difference for the next generation to come.”

We can end hunger within a generation! Spread the word this World Food Day

Today is World Food Day, and with that, Global Citizen has launched a petition to end world hunger within a generation.

The letter states, “Only a few weeks ago, 193 world leaders made a historic agreement to 17 Global Goals, one of which aims to eradicate hunger. 795 million people still go hungry every day, whilst 1.2 billion aren’t getting the nutritious food they need to survive and thrive. We cannot and should not accept this.”

Today, world leaders are meeting at Expo Milano to discuss how to end world hunger. Global Citizen urges people to tweet at their respective representatives to “plant a vital seed in the minds of people who will determine the policies of the future.”

“As policy makers gather, we need to send a clear message: ending hunger must start with farmers,” they write.

“Sounds ambitious? You bet,” they write, pointing out that “Smallholder farmers have the power to feed their communities and countries, but they are too often affected by poverty and lack of resource themselves.”

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Petition Round Up: Week of 10/16

by Ethan M. Long
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