New Revolutionary was founded in May 2015 by Gregg Housh, James Curcio, and Anna Geoffroy.


Gregg Housh CEO and founder.

Gregg is an activist focused on internet freedoms, censorship, over-prosecution, Anonymous, police brutality and a lot more. Before becoming an activist he spent much of his teens and early 20s evading an FBI task force while helping to operate some of the Internet’s foremost software pirating rings and otherwise living the life of a criminal hacker. In 2000 the chase was finally over and he was arrested. The next 7 years were spent in and out of court until he plead guilty to conspiracy to violate copyright laws in 2007. He was incarcerated in a federal penitentiary, including his first 27 days being spent in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) used for solitary.

It was this harsh treatment over many years that led him to activism. In 2008 he played a key role in Anonymous’s first global protest against the Church of Scientology. Soon after helping to organize these events, Scientology spent a good amount of money to find, publically name, and attempt to get him prosecuted by the city of Boston. Housh then began serving as a media interpreter and interview subject for newspapers, websites, radio and television. He has appeared on countless news programs and been quoted in publications around the world; meanwhile, he has started consulting for hollywood shows when they need hacker characters (most recently for House of Cards.)

James Curcio Editor-in-chief and founder.

James’ checkered career began around 2001 when he graduated from Bard College with the world’s most lucrative degree — Philosophy — and co-founded a media collective. That did surprisingly well until it didn’t, so he moved on to Los Angeles to play in a band, and have “JOIN MY CULT!” published. This was a Burroughs-esque satire about 90s counterculture groups that no one seemed to recognize as satire. Several books and startups later, he’s still keeping it irreverent, but has since developed a keener appreciation for fact. He lives with lions somewhere in the mountains, probably.

Anna Geoffroy Editor and founder.

Anna was raised by nerds in “the People’s Republic of” Amherst, Massachusetts, where she was introduced to social justice, pen names, and dressing like an idiot. She participated in the 2008 Anonymous protests against the Church of Scientology, where she took on a behind the scenes role as propagandist, local organizer, and strategist. Her words have appeared in press releases, her videos have been featured in newscasts, and her flyers and graphics have been used around the world.



Gijs Eijkelboom Social Media Strategist

Gijs Eijkelboom is a social media wizard based in the Netherlands. With his focus on global activism, he gained the support of millions of followers on Twitter. He is also active offline and behind the camera, engaging in protests against government surveillance, war, and corruption scandals.

Ethan M. Long Staff Writer

Ethan Long is a journalist based in the city of Boston. Graduating a couple of years ago from Suffolk University, he has been freelancing in lieu of selling his soul to marketing agencies. His interests includes human rights, first amendment law, and utilitarianism. He wants to know what you want to read about, as long as it has nothing to do with Matt Damon or Tom Brady.


Writers: Marc Simms, Damien Williams, Will Park, Jack Marsh, Rusty Shackleford.

Cartoonist: Chris Keelty